Verbos en Inglés

Verbos en Inglés PDF. Pasados y pasados participios de verbos regulares e irregulares. Lista de verbos regulares e irregulares en Inglés (más de 1200). Lista de verbos en Inglés y Español (Castellano). Tabla de verbos en inglés en pasado. Verbos irregulares ingles pdf con pronunciación.

Lista de verbos en inglés, regulares e irregulares.

Utiliza la clave para abrir el PDF.

El cuadernillo tiene 20 hojas de verbos en inglés-español, incluyendo los 100 verbos más usados y los 20 verbos que no debes olvidar jamás. Puedes ver qué diferencia hay entre verbos regulares e irregulares en la columna llama type ya que todos los que tienen la letra i son irregulares, como se muestra en el cuadro.

Esta tabla para imprimir contiene la lista verbos regulares e irregulares en todos los tiempos, con su frecuencia de uso (los verbos en inglés más utilizados tienen tres rayas), su pronunciación con fonemas simples y con su traducción al español. La conjugación de verbos se presenta de manera compacta.

La tabla también indica el tipo de contrucción para formar el pasado:


Terminados en ed. Para formar el pasado simple de los verbos regulares se debe agregar la terminación -ed.


Terminados en d. Los verbos terminados en una -e muda, agregan -d al final.


Terminados en ied. Los verbos terminados en consonante + y, cambian la y por -ied.


Los verbos de una sílaba que terminan en vocal + consonante que no sea -w, -x o -y, duplican la consonante antes de agregar -ed. Los verbos de más de una sílaba que terminan en vocal + consonante que no sea -w, -x o -y, duplican la consonante antes de agregar -ed, siempre que el acento esté en la última sílaba.


Irregulares. Los verbos irregulares no siguen estas reglas.

A diferencia de muchos listados de verbos, este listado [Documento en PDF] contiene no solamente los verbos irregulares sino una combinación de verbos irregulares pero también regulares. Esta lista puede ser complementada con los audios de los videos de YouTube con la pronunciación de los verbos en Inglés.

1. Verbos en Inglés utilizados

abandon abase abash abbreviate abdicate abhor abide aboard abolish abominate abort abound abrade absolve absorb abstain abuse accept acclaim acclimatize accompany accumulate accuse acquaint act activate adapt add address adjudge adjust administer admire admit adopt adore adorn adulate adulterate advertise advise affect afford aggravate agree aim alarm allow alloy allude alter altercate alternate amortize amputate amuse analyse animate announce annoy answer antecede anticipate apologize appall appeal appear applaud apply appraise appreciate approach approve argue arise arm arrange arrest arrive arrive articulate ascend ascribe ask aspire assault assist associate assort assume assure astonish astound attach attack attempt attenuate attest attract attribute auction augur avoid await awake award bable backbite backslide bait bake balance bandage banish baptize bare bargain bark baste bat batter battle be bear beat become befall beg begin behave behead behold belong bend bereave beseech beset bespeak bestrew bestride bet bicycle bid bike bilk bill bind bite blab blame blast bleach bleed blend bless blind blink blister block bloom blot blow bluff board borrow boss bother bottle bounce brace braid brake break breed bribe bring broadcast brush buckle build burn burst buy calibrate call calm calumniate camouflage camp campaign can canalize cancel carry cash cast catch cease celebrate center certify chain change charge chase cheat check chide choose chop circle circulate claim clap class classify clean clear climb cling close comb combine come communicate compare compensate compile complain complicate compose compound comprehend compress compromise computerize concede conceive concentrate concern conciliate conclude condemn condense confess confirm confront confuse congest congratulate congregate connect conquer consecrate consider consist console consolidate conspire constipate constitute construct consult consume consummate contact contain contaminate contemplate continue contract contradict contrast contribute control convince convoke cook cool cooperate coordinate copy corrupt cost cough count counterfeit crash creep crow crown cry cumulate cure cut damage damp dance dare darn date deal debark debate debunk decapitate decay decease deceive decide declaim decollate decrease decree decry dedicate deduce deduct defeat deflate deform defrost delete deliver demolish depart depend deport depreciate describe design despise despoil destroy detach detect detonate devaluate develop devote dial die dig digest dilute dine dirt disagree disappear disinfect dislocate disobey dissuade distribute dive divide do drag drain draw dream drink drive drown dry dwell dye earn ease eat eject elevate emanate embark employ encase enclose encourage end endorse enlarge entertain envy equip erase erect escort establish estimate evacuate evade evaluate evict exaggerate exalt examine exceed exchange exclude exercise exhort exhume exile exonerate expand expect expend export expropriate extirpate extract fabricate face fade fail faint fake fall fan feed feel fight file fill film finance find fine finish fire fish fit fix flee flinch fling flip flirt float flood flow fluctuate flunk flutter fly follow forbear forbid forecast forget forgive forsake free freeze fright frown frustrate fry fulfil furnish gain gargle gather gear generate get give glance glare glaze gleam glide glue glut gnash gnaw go gossip grab graft grate graze grease greet grill grind gripe groan group grow growl guarantee guess halt hammer hamstring hand handle hang happen harass have haze head hear heat heave hedge help hesitate hide hijack hike hint hire hit hitchhike hold hook hug hurt hush idle illuminate illustrate imagine imitate immigrate immunize impart implant implicate imply import impose impound imprecate impress impute incinerate incite incline incubate inculcate incur indicate infect infest infiltrate inflate inform infringe ingest inhale inquire inspect inspire install instigate institute instruct intercept interfere intern interpellate interrupt intervene interview intimidate intrigue introduce invade invent invest invite invoice iron irradiate issue itch jab jail joke jump keep kick kid kidnap kill kiss knead knee knee kneel knit knock know lack lag lam last laugh launch lay lead leak lean leap learn lease leave legislate lend let lie lie lift light lihgt like limit limp list listen litter live load lock lodge look lose love low mail maintain make manage mangle mark marry massage match mean measure meddle meet melt mend mention mess mince mind mingle mint misdeal mismanage misplace miss miss miss misspell mistake mistrust misunderstand mix modern motivate move mow murder murmur nail name narrate need negate neglect negotiate nest niggle nod obey object obligate observe obsess obstruct obtain obviate occupy occur offend offer opine order outrage overcome overeat overthrow owe own pack paint pale pall pamper panic parachute pardon pare park parry participate pat patch pause pave pawn pay pay peck pedal pee peel peeve perform perfume persuade pervert phone photocopy pick pickle picture pile pilot pinch piss pitch place plan plane plant plash play plead please plot pluck plug plug plunder poison polish pollute pose possess post pour praise pray precede predict preface prefer preheat prepare prepay presage prescribe preside press pretend prevail prevent proceed process procrastinate procreate produce profane progress prohibit project prolong promenade promise promote promulgate pronounce propagate propose protect protest prove provide prowl pry pull pulse pump punch punctuate purchase push put puzzle quail quake qualify quarrel question quit quote race radio raffle rain raise rape rate reach react read realize reap reapply recall recline recognize recommend recompense reconcile reconsider reconstitute reconstruct record recount recover recreate recriminate recruit rectify recuperate recycle redouble reduce reelect refill refinance refine reform refresh refrigerate refuse regard register regret regulate rehabilitate rehash rehearse reject relate relax release relieve reload remain remember remind renew renounce renovate rent repair repeal repeat repel replace report represent repress reproduce repudiate request require resign resist resolve respect respond rest restrict resume resuscitate retail retain retire retract retreat retrieve return reveal revenge review revile revise revoke revolt reward rhyme rid ride ring rinse ripe rise rive roar roast roll roof row ruin rule run rush rust saddle save saw say scan schedule scorn scrabble scrape scrape scratch scream screw seal seat seclude seduce see seed seek seem seep segregate seize select sell send sensitize sentence separate serve set settle sew shake shape share sharpen shatter shave shear shed sheet shelter shelve shield shift shine ship shiver shock shoe shoot shout shove shovel show shred shrink shrive shrug shuffle shut sigh sign signal sin sing sink sit site skate skecth ski skid skim skimp skin skip slam slap slash slay sleep slide sling slink slip slit slouch slow smash smell smuggle snap sneak sneeze sniff snivel snow solder solve sound souse sow spank spark spay speak speculate speed spell spend spice spill spin spirt spit spite splash splice split spoil sprain sprawl spray spread spring sprinkle sprout spur spurn spy square squeeze squirm squirt stabilize stack staff stage stain stamp stand starch stare start starve state station stay steal steam steep stew stick sting stink stitch stone stop storage strain strangle strew stride strike string strive struggle study subdue sublease sublimate submerge suborn subscribe subsidize substitute subtract succeed suck sue suffer suffocate suggest suit supervise suplly supplant support suppose suppress surname surprise surrender surround survive suspect sustain swallow swap swarm swash swear sweat sweep swell swim swing tabulate tack tag tailor take talked tame tan tap taunt teach tear tease telegraph tell test think thrive throw thrust ticket tickle tie tip tire title toast topple torture tow trace track trade traduce transcribe transfer transform transfugurate transfuse transgress translate transmit transplant transport trap travel tread treat trend trespass trick triple triturate trot trouble trust try tumble tune turn tweak twinkle twist type umpire unbend understand undertake undo unite unplug untie upgrade uphold upset use vaccinate validate value vanish vary ventilate venture vibrate violate void wait wake walk want warm warn warrant wash waste watch wave wax wean wear weave wed weep weigh welcome weld wench whip whisper whistle wield will win wind wink wipe wire wish witch withdraw withhold withstand wonder work worry wrap wreck wrest wrestle wring wrinkle write x-ray xeroxcopy yell yield zip zoom